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Neck Injections

The treatment for chronic neck pain, or even an injury to the area, might start with a steroid solution injection to reduce inflammation and get healing started quickly. As with spine injections, which we discussed in the previous section, the steroid of choice is called cortisone, and is synthesized in the lab to mimic the natural human hormone cortisol. These types of shots have been around since the 1950s, thus have a long history of successfully helping in the mission to manage pain.

Though perhaps less commonly used in the neck than other areas like knees, elbows, shoulders, hips, and lower backs, don’t be surprised if Dr. Kaufman thinks a neck injection could be the first (and hopefully last) step in the mission to eliminate your pain completely or at least bring it down to a manageable level while other options are considered.

Once again, this corticosteroid is an entirely different steroid than the anabolic steroids used by many a professional, college, and unfortunately, sometimes high school athlete in the pursuit of becoming bigger, faster, and stronger.

In the medical setting, cortisone, which is not a specific pain reliever in its own right, is mixed with a local anesthetic for administration. The anesthetic offers immediate short-term pain relief while the cortisone goes to work reducing inflammation that will provide longer term relief. Without the anesthetic, the injection area could be painful following the shot from the presence of the steroid in the body. The local also helps control pain until the body absorbs the cortisone. If you experience pain or discomfort in the hours following an injection, feel free to use an ice bag on and off until it passes.

Dr. Kaufman might suggest a cortisone injection during your first visit, though often, especially in the case of soft tissue injuries like a muscle strain or pinched nerve, rest, ice, and physical therapy are prescribed as initial treatment. Steroid injections for your neck may be spaced out into a series of three. While they can provide significant pain relief on a temporary basis, and maybe even eliminate the issue entirely, many people use them as a stopgap measure to postpone surgical intervention or as a replacement for surgery in people who would not be expected to do well with that drastic measure.

Dr. Kaufman encourages anyone in the Miami area with neck pain to call 786.369.4010 today for an appointment. The reality is that you probably don’t have to live with it.

Patient Testimonials

  • "I've suffered with back pain ever since my back surgery. Due to Dr. Kaufman and his non-surgical, non-invasive spinal injections, my pain has been greatly alleviated. It saved me another trip back to the operating room"
    Donna Franchetti Patient
  • "After spine surgery that did not relieve my pain I was referred to Dr. Seth Kaufman. He gave me his full attention and patiently listened, with empathy, to all my concerns and made me feel as though I was his only patient. Dr. Kaufman has managed my back pain, effectively, for many years. My only regret is that I did not meet him prior to surgery. I have complete confidence and recommend him to anyone without reservation."
    Sharon James Patient
  • "I'm a patient of Dr. Seth Kaufman's. For several years he has really helped me relieve the pain in my back and my legs. I've received several shots from him and they have really helped me. He is always available and he is very compassionate. I would highly recommend him."
    Ann Robinson Patient
  • " I was referred to Dr. Kaufman by my primary care physician, thank God, and he has helped me tremendously with pain after my back surgery, extensive back surgery, when I was left with more pain then I got rid of. Through his injections and use of topical ointments most of the pain has gone away. He is still helping me and still trying to get rid of the rest of it."
    Mary Wilson Patient
  • "I am a patient of Dr. Seth Kaufman's and have been seeing him for several years for back issues and knee issues. He has treated me very well, his injections were great and I got a lot of relief from him. I would recommend him to anyone, at any time."
    Robin Fisher
  • "Dr. Seth Kaufman, I cannot say enough wonderful things. This man saved my life from pain. He is dedicated and wonderful and I don't know what I would do without him. I would like to adopt him as my son, but so does everyone else who knows him. He truly keeps the pain out of my body."
  • "I was referred to Dr. Kaufman about 10 years ago. I was scheduled to have back surgery due to herniated discs in my lower back. Dr. Kaufman suggested injections and I took his advice. He administered several injections and I've been pain free for over 10 years, with no surgery needed and Dr. Kaufman continues to be my doctor. He's very, very knowledgeable and an expert in his field and I thank him very, very much."
  • "I had severe back pain. It started out of the blue and I felt it going down my leg. I am a spine surgeon myself and I have been caring for patients with these pains for years – I knew exactly what the problem was as soon as I obtained an MRI – I had a herniated disk - and I could not see myself taking care of patients with this horrible pain. Doctor Kaufman gave me 2 epidural steroid injections and I went back to work the same day with no pain. Most patients do not need spine surgery and if you are like me, try to avoid surgery. The best way to avoid surgery is with a properly targeted transforaminal epidural steroid injection, done in a modern safe manner – “transforaminal”. This applies to both neck and back pain. I recommend Dr. Kaufman to all my patients and my family. Call him and he will help you without surgery."
    Dr. Georgiy Brusovanik, MD Orthopedic Spine Surgeon and Dr. Kaufman’s Patient