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+ Pain Management
Dr. Seth Kaufman is widely regarded and considered a top pain management specialist. Discover the benefits of Dr. Kaufman’s care and start your journey to a pain-free life. Get relief for your pain by speaking with Dr. Kaufman today.

+ Spine Injections
One of the pain management services that Dr. Kaufman offers is spinal injections. Spine injections can often times be a great relief for those who suffer from back pain, pre-surgery and/or post-surgery pain. Contact Dr. Kaufman today to learn more about how spine injections can help you.

+ Neck Injections
Another option in pain management is neck injections. Neck injections can help alleviate pain for many people and have proven to be effective. Dr. Seth Kaufman can help alleviate your pain with neck injections. Contact him today to schedule your appointment.

+ Joint Injections
Are you suffering from joint pain? Joint injections can help and have a proven track record of success. Dr. Kaufman specializes in pain management which include joint injections. Contact the office today to schedule your consultation.

+ Steroid Injections
For many people suffering from lower back pain and leg pain, steroid injections have helped provide relief. Pain management and relief is the goal with any treatment, and steroid injections could be the option for you. Contact Dr. Kaufman today.

+ Stem Cells
Stem Cell therapy is a pain management alternative to invasive surgery for patients suffering from neck, back, hip and knee pain. For more information on stem cell therapy and if stem cells are the best option for you, contact our office today.

Pain hurts. Whether chronic or acute, conditions or injuries that result in pain can ruin your quality of life. The good news is that today’s pain management techniques, especially when implemented by a highly-trained medical professional like Dr. Seth Kaufman, can take an excruciating existence and make it worth living again.

The Perception of Pain
In order to effectively treat pain, one must first realize that, even though it is physical and real, everyone perceives it differently. Much of the pain experience is, literally, in your head. The brain to be specific. And since everyone’s brain is different, the way they feel pain is different as well. If you’re depressed, you’re liable to feel pain more acutely. The same goes if you’re anxious or are fearful of pain in general. It’s this recognition of how we all experience pain differently that led Dr. Kaufman to establish a patient-centered approach to treating issues of the spine and neck, as well as other orthopaedic problems including hip, knee, and shoulder arthritis.

Dr. Kaufman’s Philosophy
For too long the pain management industry revolved around dispensing medications like opioids or benzodiazepines as the primary strategy for controlling pain. While both can be excellent aids in helping with pain management, the stark reality is that there are no good studies that tout this approach as a long-term solution. Addiction and other side effects can leave a patient worse off than before. The human body adapts to these drugs over time and increasingly larger doses are needed to achieve the same effect.

The good news is that Dr. Kaufman has taken Miami pain management to a whole new level of relief through various targeted programs of neck, spine, or joint injections. He uses steroid shots when called for, which can provide positive and long-lasting results. Recent years have seen a surge in the use of stem cells to aid the body in regenerating itself. Rest assured that all these and more are options when you sit down to discuss your particular issue with Dr. Kaufman.

As the go-to specialist for non-operative orthopaedic and spinal care in Miami, Florida, Dr. Kaufman and his staff offer great hope for reduced pain and a return to happy living. Call 305-467-5678 today for an appointment. The sooner you get in, the faster we can begin managing your pain.

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